Fees Adjustable, BTC 0.5-3.8%
Minimum Transaction 0.001 BTC
Log Policy No logs are collected
Time Delay Adjustable, 0-24 hours
Letter of Guarantee Yes

What is CryptoMixer?

CryptoMixer is a Bitcoin Tumbler that is necessary to maintain complete anonymity in the process of using cryptocurrencies. The technology used on the site breaks the connection between the old and new wallet addresses. The platform already has cleared (mixed) coins in its reserves. When a user makes a transaction through the mixer, the output address receives completely clean and anonymous funds.

How does CryptoMixer work?

CryptoMixer is a site that accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and mixes it with other people’s coins. The service can be a great help for those who want to protect themselves, eliminate the possibility of extortion, etc.

The principle of service is easy. CryptoMixer uses a cryptocurrency received from many users and, using special mixing algorithms, distributes them to different addresses. In another way, this process is called bitcoin cleaning (mixing), since in this case the coins are “cleared” from belonging to a particular wallet.

After the tumbling is completed, the Bitcoins are sent to the receiving address, except the amount deducted as a service fee. The fee of CryptoMixer is flexible, depending on the amount sent and the total number of shuffles. The resulting cryptocurrencies are not related to the original address in any way.

Service fees

The minimum fee is 0.5%. The maximum fee is 5%. Fees can be set custom by every user.

Features of CryptoMixer


When we tested CryptoMixer first time, we found this service very easy to use. Among the mixers currently available today, CryptoMixer is probably the most convenient Btc Blender, reliable, and fast. Its high reputation is confirmed by numerous reviews on the crypto-forums. Our verdict on this coin laundering service – the Best Bitcoin Mixer.